340B Prescription Drug Program

Matt Colier talks about the ARcare’s 340B Prescription Drug Program.

I’m Matt Collier. I’m the contracted pharmacy representative with ARcare. The 340B program is
a federally regulated program that basically gives patients that are underinsured or uninsured
cheaper prescriptions and drugs. Patients are eligible by being a patient within the last year, and
it can either be presented by one of our staff in the clinic or the patient can approach our front
office and say, “Hey. I don’t know if I can pay for my prescription.” From there, our secretary
would give him or her a prescription card.

From there, we have a list of pharmacies that we are contracted within the clinic and they can
look at that. We have local ones, we have ones really all across the state. Whenever they get to
that pharmacy, they present that card with the prescription that they’ve been given from the
ARcare provider. Then our independent, contracted pharmacist will run that card and be able to
see what savings they would be able to get.

If they have additional questions, you can go to any of our clinics or even call them and just ask
about the 340B program and they would be more than happy to answer your questions.

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