5 Signs of Depression and What Steps to Take Next

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Depression is a serious disorder that needs treatment. Make sure you’re familiar with the signs of depression, so you can get the help you need. 

Depression is more than just frequent feelings of sadness. In fact, this disorder can cause some surprising signs that you might not be aware of. If you’ve been experiencing any of the following, you should look for a behavioral health clinic near me in Arkansas for diagnosis and treatment.

Signs of Depression

Some warning signs of depression that you might not know about include:

  • Mood swings and irritability: While feelings of sadness among those who are depressed is common, some people experience other emotions. Depression can cause you to feel angry and irritable, which can lead to lashing out at those around you. You might also have mood swings on a frequent basis.
  • Compulsive behavior: Some people who have depression try to cope with feelings of sadness, failure or hopelessness by engaging in compulsive behaviors. These might include using illicit drugs, drinking more alcohol than usual, smoking more or being careless with money.
  • Lack of energy: Severe episodes of depression can cause you to want to stay in bed all day. This lack of energy can end up causing problems in your personal and professional life, especially if it continues over a long period of time. Finding the energy to be active and follow your usual routine can be difficult without treatment for depression.
  • Trouble concentrating and making decisions: Depression can have a significant impact on your cognitive abilities. This can cause you to have difficulty focusing and concentrating on tasks in your everyday life. You might also have trouble using your judgment and making decisions. These cognitive effects can be harmful at times, such as when you’re driving or performing physical tasks at your job.
  • Poor hygiene: People with depression sometimes neglect self-care on a daily basis. If you’ve been skipping important hygiene tasks, such as brushing your teeth or washing your hair, you might be suffering from depression. This disorder can make these tasks seem as though they require too much effort, especially if you’re experiencing low energy levels. Depression’s effect on your self-esteem might also cause you to skip personal hygiene tasks.

What to Do About Depression

If you suspect that you have depression, you’ll need to be evaluated by a healthcare professional. Schedule an appointment with an ARcare doctor in order to undergo an evaluation. If you’re diagnosed with depression, your doctor can provide you with information on treatment options. This generally includes counseling or therapy and lifestyle changes, such as getting enough sleep, exercising and eating a healthy diet. Your doctor might also recommend taking an antidepressant to help stabilize your mood.

If you’re searching for a doctor medical center near me in Arkansas that offers treatment for depression, contact ARcare. Our family health center in Arkansas provides behavioral health services for those suffering from depression. Visit  ARcare or call at (877) 876-8032 to schedule an appointment.

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