5 Ways You’re Supported Through Addiction Treatment with ARcare

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When you make the decision to get help for addiction, it’s important to make sure you have plenty of support. 

Addiction recovery is a challenging process that can take a long time to get through. During this time, you’ll find that having support can help you stay motivated and continue going through recovery. At ARcare, our drug rehab centers offer care, encouragement, resources and medical help for those seeking addiction treatment. When you go to your nearest ARcare community health clinic for this type of care, you can expect to receive support in the following ways.

Safe Detoxification

During detoxification, your body eliminates the substance that you’ve been addicted to. This can cause severe discomfort and other physical problems, so it’s important to have medical supervision. When you partner with ARcare to go through detox, you’ll be supervised and offered encouragement and support until your body is rid of the alcohol or drugs. The severity of this process and the length of time it lasts depends on the substance you’ve been taking.

Behavioral Counseling

Counseling is an important step in the recovery process. When you meet with our counselors at ARcare, you’ll have a chance to talk about your experiences with addiction and the effects it has had on your life. Our counselors will provide you with the tools you need to adapt a healthier lifestyle and manage stress more effectively. These tools, which might include learning deep breathing or learning how to identify and change negative thoughts, help reduce your risk of relapse.

Medication if Needed

The recovery process from some forms of addiction require medication to help ease withdrawal effects and prevent serious health problems from occurring. Medication is typically part of recovery for alcohol addiction or addiction to opioids. Our addiction treatment providers at ARcare will determine whether or not you need medication during recovery and ensure that you receive it as needed.

Treatment for Co-Occurring Psychological Problems

In some cases, addiction occurs along with a mental health problem, such as depression or bipolar disorder. If you have a psychological condition, our providers at ARcare take this into consideration and ensure that you get treatment for both addiction and mental health problems. This helps improve your chance of making a full recovery from addiction and lowers your risk of relapse.

Long-Term Follow-Up Care

When you’re done with the recovery process at our drug rehab center, we make sure that you continue to have the support you need after you leave. This includes long-term follow-up care to see that you’re doing well and not in danger of having a relapse. We encourage you to get in touch with us at any time after you leave if you’re worried about relapse and need more support.

If you’re looking for addiction treatment centers in Arkansas, please contact your nearest ARcare location. We provide effective and compassionate addiction treatment at several locations throughout Arkansas. For more information on what ARcare can do for you, request an appointment online or call us today at 877-876-8032.

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