How to Beat Back to School Anxiety

As summer dwindles down, your child’s schedule begins to accelerate into high gear. Long and lazy sunny days dotted with spontaneous adventures have now been replaced by early morning walks to the school bus and structured weekly schedules. The transition from summer to school, although one experienced each year, can be a stressful time for your child.

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One of The Easiest Things You Can Do to Be Healthier

Dehydration can cause serious consequences. Learn how to manage your fluid intake in order to protect your health.

To stay healthy and feel well, you need enough water every day. You could live without food for several weeks, but you cannot survive without hydration for more than a few days, or more than a few hours in extreme temperatures and environments. Generally, women need more than 11 cups of fluids daily, and men need over 15 cups.
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ARcare – Behavior Health [VIDEO]

ARcare – Behavior Health

My name is Frank Vega. I’m a licensed marriage and family therapist. I’m the Director of Behavioral Health for ARcare. We offer traditional behavioral health and outpatient behavioral health services where individuals can call in or be referred by a provider like their doctor or someone in the community that has referred to us and scheduled appointments. They would meet with one of our licensed clinical social workers to address some of the needs that they have and some of the issues that they’re actually struggling within their lives.

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