HIV Infection

Let’s Have an Honest Talk About HIV in Arkansas

High-risk people are not getting tested for HIV at a frequency needed to control the spread of infection and appropriately slow disease progression. If you are at risk, regular HIV tests can help protect your health.

The CDC recommends that everyone should have HIV testing performed at least once with more frequent testing for high-risk individuals. With a close look at your personal risk factors, your primary care physician in Arkansas can determine your ideal HIV testing interval. With early detection and treatment, you can slow the progression of HIV to AIDS and minimize your symptoms and other health repercussions. Learn why you should get tested and the available care options at an HIV treatment center near you in Arkansas to work toward fully protecting your health.
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The Emotional Impact of HIV Treatment

After a HIV diagnosis, emotions of all kinds may flood your mind and threaten to derail your treatment plan. Knowing how to mitigate these feelings will set the stage for continued wellness in the face of this diagnosis.

As you head into the treatment phase after an HIV diagnosis, common feelings of shock and disbelief tend to give way to a stronger emotional response. To best stay on track with your HIV treatments, you must face these emotional impacts head on and develop healthy coping skills in response. You can help ensure that your HIV treatments offer continual positive outcomes by managing your emotional state. Learning what emotional impacts to expect throughout this process can help you cope as you visit your community health center in Arkansas for HIV treatments.
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How We Support You Through HIV Treatments at ARcare

When you have an HIV diagnosis, it is important to start looking into treatment options as soon as possible. We are your resource to discovering more about your treatment options if you have this disease. 

Starting treatment for HIV soon after a diagnosis is a big part of lowering your risk of complications and protecting your health. At our community health centers in Arkansas, we provide you with the treatment you need, along with exceptional support. These two things can help make the treatment process a bit easier for you to go through. We support our patients with HIV in the following ways.
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