Alcohol Assessment: Need A Substance Abuse Counselor?

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If you are worried that you or a loved one may have a drinking problem, it may be time to visit a behavioral health clinic near you in Arkansas. If you are having any of the following problems, call ARcare today.

Alcohol is the second deadliest drug in the United States, causing nearly 90,000 deaths each year. If you drink, it is important to protect yourself against abusing this substance, and that starts with looking out for the symptoms of alcohol dependence. The earlier you identify these warning signs, the easier it is to get the support you need from a family health center in Arkansas.

Standard Alcohol Dependence Symptoms

Protecting yourself from the dangers of alcohol starts with learning the signs of alcohol dependence. While these symptoms vary from person to person, they usually include:

  • Portion Control– If you have trouble controlling how much you drink, or find that you drink in larger quantities or for longer periods of time than you intended, you are likely to be dependent.
  • Inability to Stop– Have you ever tried to reduce your drinking but found you were unable to do so? This suggests that you cannot control your consumption on your own, and need the aid of professionals.
  • Behavioral Changes– Do you find yourself cutting back on other activities so you have more time and money to drink? This is particularly serious if you stop doing things that are essential to your health, such as eating. Alcohol dependence may often leads to malnutrition and weight loss.

The more severe these symptoms are, the greater the likelihood that you have a drinking problem. But if you act quickly, you can train yourself to give up alcohol and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Taking Stock of Teen Dependence 

While alcohol dependence is dangerous for everyone, it is especially devastating for teenagers, who often lack the experience and support networks to realize if they need help. If you are a teenager who drinks, pay attention to the specific signs of teen alcohol abuse, including:

  • Social Isolation– Dependence on alcohol may lead a teenager to withdraw from social activities. You may also begin to hang out with different peers, spending more time with those who can get you alcohol.
  • School Issues– If you find that your grades are suffering or you are getting into more conflicts with peers and teachers, it could be that alcohol dependence is making it harder for you to regulate your behavior at school.
  • Psychological Problems– Depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems are all associated with alcohol dependence, especially for teens and others at difficult stages in their lives. You may use alcohol to help cope with emotional issues, and alcohol in turn leads to such issues.

ARcare offers the support and resources you need to overcome alcohol dependence and other substance abuse issues. For more information or to request our assistance, contact us today by calling  (877) 876-8032 today.

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