Essential Tips for Keeping Your Kids Active and Healthy

Getting regular physical activity is important for kids in order to stay healthy, especially when they aren’t in school. Find out how to make sure your kids get exercise on a daily basis this summer.

During the summer, kids typically have plenty of time to spend being active, since they are not dealing with homework and school activities. However, some kids fall into a routine of sitting around more than staying on their feet, which is not good for their health. With a few tips, you can help your kids form good exercise habits this summer that they can put to use all year long. Keep in mind that in addition to exercise, you should also make sure you find a primary care clinic near you in Arkansas so that your kids can get routine physicals and prompt care if they get sick or injured.

Focus on Fun

It really does not matter what kids are doing in terms of physical activity, as long as they are active and on their feet. Rather than sitting for long periods of time they can boost their health and happiness with the smallest of activities. Let your kids run around, use their imagination, and explore your yard or the local park, which provides them with plenty of exercise and fresh air. Making physical activity fun helps motivate kids to stay active compared to trying to enforce a certain workout routine or activity for exercise that they do not enjoy.

Plan for Rainy Days

Fresh air is good for kids, but the weather does not always cooperate. On days when it is rainy, stormy, or too hot to be outside, give your kids a way to stay active indoors. Put their favorite music on so they can dance around the house or let them play video games that require them to be up and active, such as fitness games. This helps ensure that your kids will still get exercise, even when they cannot go outdoors and run around.

Set a Good Example

Your kids learn by watching you, so set a good example for them. Set aside time to exercise each day, and encourage your kids to join you. You can do a family workout routine or take walk or bike rides together every day. This is a great way to motivate kids to build good exercise habits while also spending more time together as a family on a regular basis.

Plan Play Date Activities

When your kids have a play date, plan backyard games or other activities for them to do instead of sitting inside playing. You can also make plans with other parents to bring the kids to a local pool or park for even more fun and exercise during play dates.

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