How We Support You Through HIV Treatments at ARcare

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When you have an HIV diagnosis, it is important to start looking into treatment options as soon as possible. We are your resource to discovering more about your treatment options if you have this disease. 

Starting treatment for HIV soon after a diagnosis is a big part of lowering your risk of complications and protecting your health. At our community health centers in Arkansas, we provide you with the treatment you need, along with exceptional support. These two things can help make the treatment process a bit easier for you to go through. We support our patients with HIV in the following ways.

Social Services

When you are looking for a wellness center near you in Arkansas for HIV treatment, keep in mind that it involves more than medical care. At ARcare, we offer social services for patients with HIV in order to ensure that they get all the care and support they need. The social services we offer as part of HIV treatment include meeting with registered dietitians to discuss dietary changes, receiving medication assistance for those who have trouble affording HIV medications, and providing gas vouchers for visits related to your condition.

Non-medical Case Management

As part of our commitment to offering exceptional support for patients with HIV, we also provide case management services. As part of the Ryan White program at ARcare, you will receive food voucher assistance, financial help with co-pays, and referrals for housing for patients with HIV. Other services include applications to receive medical transportation voucher assistance and assistance with AIDS drugs.

HIV Education and Risk Reduction

At ARcare, we also provide support in the form of HIV education and information on risk reduction. This education can help you understand this illness better as you go through the treatment process. Understanding risk reduction is also an important part of ensuring that others are not at risk or reassuring loved ones that you are not a risk to them.

Support Groups

Treatment for HIV can be a challenging experience, especially if you have side effects. Being able to meet other patients who are dealing with these same problems can make it easier for you to cope. When you come to ARcare for treatment, we can help you find HIV support groups, so you can meet others and share your experience with them while also learning from those who have been through treatment.

Medical Case Management

As part of the HIV program at ARcare, you can expect to receive medical case management with a registered nurse. These services include intake for the Ryan White’s program parts B, C and D. When you are part of this program, you can count on having a formal assessment of your needs and help with care plans to ensure that you benefit from the treatment process as much as possible.

If you are looking for an HIV treatment center near you in Arkansas, please contact your nearest ARcare clinic at (877) 876-8032. At our Arkansas clinics, our physicians and other providers offer safe and effective treatments for HIV.

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