How to Recognize Substance Abuse and What to Do Next

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Recognizing substance abuse often comes down to understanding and watching for the signs of addiction. Helping your loved ones simply depends on your ability to recognize their symptoms and offer support as much as you can.

In the earliest stages, the symptoms of substance abuse often go unnoticed by those unaware of the warning signs. Since early intervention offers the greatest chance at reaching a full recovery, noticing the warning signs right away can positively impact the treatment process. Thankfully, there are many telltale signs to watch for when you suspect any of your loved ones are suffering from addiction. After you identify their struggle with addiction, you can assist them in reaching out to receive help from a drug treatment center in Arkansas.

Warning Signs of Substance Abuse

The warning signs of substance abuse start out slow and increase in severity over time. Here are a few things to watch for while determining if your loved one is struggling with addiction.

Increased Use of Drugs and Alcohol

Controlled use of prescription drugs, or social use of alcohol, can open the doors for addiction, especially after the body develops a dependency on those substances. If you notice a marked increase in drug or alcohol use, your loved one might be at risk of addiction or already struggling for control.

Appearance or Worsening of Cravings

Cravings are a hallmark sign of physical dependency transforming into full-blown addiction. If your loved one struggles with controlling cravings for drugs or alcohol, then addiction treatment is the best course of action.

Withdrawal from Normal Activities

Addiction to drugs and alcohol tend to overshadow activities normally enjoyed by that individual. Your loved one may cancel outings or decline invitations to spend their time obtaining and using the addictive substances.

Inability to Manage Responsibilities

An inability to manage responsibilities occurs as drugs and alcohol affect cognitive function and lead to a disordered lifestyle. You might notice your loved ones missing important appointments or failing to pay their bills as their addiction spirals out of control.

Frequent Relationship Issues

As others suffer negative repercussions from the addiction, your loved one might start to develop relationship issues with their closest supporters. This is particularly dangerous, as making a full recovery depends on maintaining a strong network of sober, supportive individuals.

How to Help Loved Ones Suffering from Addiction

As you identify the signs of addiction in your loved one, you may start to wonder, “Where can I find opioid addiction treatment near me in Arkansas?” If this is your first thought, you are on the right track. Recovery from addiction requires care and support from a skilled substance abuse counselor near you in Arkansas. Overall, the best thing you can do is help convince your loved one to go to treatment and take back control of their life. From there, be a supportive force for your loved one as they work to regain control and beat addiction.

Finding Alcohol, Drug and Painkiller Addiction Treatment in Arkansas

If your loved ones are ready to pursue alcohol, drug or painkiller addiction treatment in Arkansas, encourage them to schedule an appointment with ARcare. A substance abuse counselor will help create a treatment program that will facilitate quick and lasting recovery. Overcoming addiction requires the creation of a supportive community, so remain by your loved one’s side while they work toward recovery.  Visit  ARcare or call (866) 550-4719 to schedule an appointment.

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