Let’s Have an Honest Talk About HIV in Arkansas

High-risk people are not getting tested for HIV at a frequency needed to control the spread of infection and appropriately slow disease progression. If you are at risk, regular HIV tests can help protect your health.

The CDC recommends that everyone should have HIV testing performed at least once with more frequent testing for high-risk individuals. With a close look at your personal risk factors, your primary care physician in Arkansas can determine your ideal HIV testing interval. With early detection and treatment, you can slow the progression of HIV to AIDS and minimize your symptoms and other health repercussions. Learn why you should get tested and the available care options at an HIV treatment center near you in Arkansas to work toward fully protecting your health.

Why You Should Get Tested

With prompt HIV treatment, you can control your symptoms, minimize the damage to your immune system, and slow progression to AIDS. You should acquire regular HIV testing if your lifestyle choices increase your risk of infection. Your primary care physician in Arkansas will ask you a series of questions to evaluate your risk factors. Answer all questions honestly and completely to help your doctor determine your ideal testing interval for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Your doctor will evaluate your health needs to determine which HIV test is best for you. Depending on the selected test, the HIV testing process involves the collection of blood, urine, or saliva to look for the active virus and its antibodies and antigens.

Comprehensive Treatment from ARcare

If you receive positive results on your HIV test, your doctor will help you find and start the most effective treatment option. You will need to follow an anti-retroviral therapy program to halt disease progression and control your symptoms. You will need to continue this therapy for life to keep AIDS at bay and remain in optimal health.
You can acquire specialized care through the HIV Special Services Medical Program at ARcare. Through this program, you will have access to comprehensive medical and social support services along with education, outreach, and prevention. You will have access to dietician counseling, group therapy, transportation assistance, and other support services to help you approach the treatment process with confidence.

Schedule an Appointment at an HIV Treatment Center in Arkansas

If you would like to schedule an appointment at an HIV treatment center near you in Arkansas, contact our team at ARcare through our online scheduling form or by calling (877) 876-8032. We will help you find a convenient date and time to come in and talk to your doctor about HIV testing and care. We look forward to helping you achieve your wellness goals and stay in great health for years to come.

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