Discover how ARcare Insurance Advisor Regina Hudson Helps Patients Get Healthcare

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Meet Regina and learn more about how she helps patients get healthcare every single day!

Regina Hudson has been an Insurance Advisor helping patients with their health insurance at ARcare for almost four years. Regina not only helps with insurance, but she assists patients finding community resources such as food or housing.

How would you describe your job and what you do? 

I would describe my job as a position who helps out patients with needs such as insurance questions, finding food banks, or any community resource they may need. My everyday tasks include checking to make sure the patients have insurance. I often help patients sign up for insurance or put them on our sliding fee scale. I also help them understand the many different programs we provide if needed.

If a patient comes into the clinic with no insurance, I assist them to the best of my abilities and provide them with the different options they have access to. I take the time to find out which insurances they qualify for and also offer them the discount services that ARcare offers.

What is the difference between being uninsured and being underinsured?

Someone who is uninsured is a person that does not have any insurance whatsoever. A person that is underinsured has insurance but may need certain services done that may need extra coverage or have to be paid out of pocket.

Please describe a particularly memorable case when you were able to help someone receive the healthcare they needed.

A man called in need of insurance, which he never had before. Once I received all the information that was needed, he was able to get approved and sign up for Medicaid. It was an emotional experience due to the fact that he had diabetes and was in need of a complete wellness check and with my help was able to get the attention needed without extra stress. Once the patient was approved, he was able to have the triple by-pass surgery that was essential for his health and may have prevented any future heart attacks.

What should the general public know regarding the services that ARcare provides?

ARcare provides a variety of services and is able to see you with or without insurance. I think future patients should also know that we are able to help with all different types of insurance needs.

Finding Healthcare for You and Your Family

Our insurance advisors at ARcare have a passion for serving your community and getting you the deserved healthcare you need. If you are in need of  a federally qualified health center in Arkansas, or searching for the right insurance plan that works for you, please contact your nearest ARcare location for an appointment. We can be reached by phone at 877-876-8032 or request an appointment on our site!

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