[Video Testimonial] Primary Care that Truly Cares for Patients in Arkansas

I’m Eva Rose Kyle. I am from McCrory, Arkansas. I am a Woodruff County gal, I grew up here. Back in the spring, I wasn’t feeling so well and so I just called ARcare over in Augusta because I happened to be over in that area, then.

That’s the good thing about ARcare is that I can go to different clinics and they have all my records wherever I go. They sent me for further scans and I had a tumor-Renal cell carcinoma. It was very small and the pain I felt was from diverticulitis that I didn’t feel good. So from ARcare being so thorough and dotting their “I’s” and crossing their “T’s” and doing all the work for me-the pre-work-it saved my life because of ARcare and just their keen sense that something was wrong.

I don’t think it’s just me. I think they treat every patient that way. I am great these days. During this process, I moved everything to ARcare and they are my provider. Absolutely go. You’ll get the best care, the best service in the least amount of your time.

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