Flu Season 2017: Get Your Flu Shot Now

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Seasonal flu can cause potentially serious health problems, even if you are normally healthy. Flu shots reduce your risk of getting sick as long as you get an updated one each year. 

The annual flu season starts soon, so it is important to make sure you get your flu shot. Although you can usually get flu shots in Arkansas well into the winter months, it is better to get it earlier so you have protection throughout flu season.

When Should I Get a Flu Shot?

You should plan on getting your flu shot by the end of October, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These shots take about two weeks to become fully effective, so keep in mind that you still have a risk of getting sick until then. If you are unable to get your flu shot before the end of October, do not skip it. You can still get your shot throughout most of flu season.

Where Should I Get a Flu Shot?

You can get your flu shot at our family health center in Arkansas. At ARcare, we offer several convenient locations throughout the state. Our healthcare providers will make sure that you receive the flu vaccine you need for optimal protection from seasonal influenza.

What Kinds of Flu Shots Are There?

Each year, updated flu shots are available to provide you with improved protection from prominent flu strains. Since these strains change each year, your shot from last year will not be effective. For the 2017-2018 flu season, health experts recommend getting an injectable flu vaccine rather than the nasal spray vaccine, which might not be as effective against the flu. This year’s flu vaccines include a trivalent vaccine that protects you from two A flu strains and one B flu strain and a quadrivalent vaccine that protects you from two A flu strains and two B flu strains.

Can Flu Shots Cause Illness?

The flu vaccine you get contains what is known as a killed version of the flu virus, so it cannot make you sick. If you become ill after getting your flu shot, it means that you already had the flu virus in you before getting your vaccine. Remember that it takes a couple of weeks to become effective.

Are Flu Shots Safe?

Flu vaccines are safe for most people; although, children under six months of age should not get them. Keep in mind that some vaccines are made with eggs. If you are allergic to eggs, you can receive an egg-free version of the flu vaccine. After getting flu shots, it is common for people to have some soreness where they were injected. It is also possible to have a low-grade fever after getting this vaccine, but these are normal side effects that you can treat with over-the-counter pain relievers if needed.

If you are searching for a wellness center near me in Arkansas to get flu shots, please contact ARcare at 877-876-8032. Flu shots are provided, along with other important vaccinations at our clinics in Arkansas.

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