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The team of providers at ARcare is made up of doctors, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and many other members who are dedicated to providing you with innovative, quality healthcare. Please meet our providers and get to know a little bit about them.

Amanda Bailey, FNP

Amanda Bailey, APRN (Jonesboro North)

When Amanda interviewed for her position at ARcare in 2014, what drew her to our team was our mission of “Health for All.” Over the years, this has been a guiding principle in her work with us. One aspect of working with ARcare that Amanda appreciates is that we offer case managers who help patients apply for insurance. She also loves that patients feel comfortable opening up to the staff at ARcare and become regular visitors. Outside of work, Amanda spends time with her husband and daughter, and is active in her church. She also recently began playing the fiddle!

Samantha Garner, APRN”

Samantha Garner is an APRN who received her BSN and MSN at Chamberlain College of Nursing. Before she began working with ARcare, Samantha worked as a home health nurse, an acute nurse in the hospital, and she has a background in orthopedics and pediatrics with a specialty in wound care. What makes ARcare special to Samantha is our want to care for our patients as a whole, and not just their acute need.

Amy Daniel, MD, Augusta

Amy Daniel, MD (Augusta)

Dr. Amy Daniel began working with ARcare in 2005, led by a desire to be closer to her home and serve a rural community. Dr. Daniel has greatly enjoyed the patient-provider relationship that she is able to develop with her patients, and sees the “Health for All” mission as very important in her role as a physician. Amy, her husband, and their four children love to travel (especially to the American West) and in her free time she enjoys reading, running, and yoga.

Amy Julian, MD (Heber Springs)

To Dr. Amy Julian, ARcare is special because of how we care for patients as individuals and how we partner with them on their healthcare journey. Dr. Julian joined ARcare in 2015 so that she could be closer to her home in Heber Springs, and previously worked in the emergency department at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. A wife and mother of two boys, Dr. Julian loves spending time with her children and family.

Heather Martin

Amy Sullivan, APRN (Cabot West)

Andrew Landrum, APRN (Jonesboro South)

Andrew’s experience at ARcare since he began in 2016 has made it clear to him how important it is to educate patients about their health. To him, there is a need every single day to educate patients about their daily health and reinforce preventative medicine in rural areas. In his free time, Andrew enjoys working out, running, and spending time with his family. He especially enjoys watching his son participate in sports.

Heather Martin

Ann Meador, MD (Conway)

Ashley Fulks

Ashley Fulks, APRN

Brandy Gaines, Pharm. D.

Since 2012, Brandy has worked as an ARcare pharmacist helping patients get the medications that they need. Brandy takes pride in her work at ARcare because she is able to help patients get access to medications that they might not otherwise be able to afford. Some of her proudest moments are when patients transfer their medications from other pharmacies over to ARcare just because of the services that ARcare provides. Outside of work, Brandy enjoys going to the lake with her husband, daughter, and their dog.

Brenan Smith

Brenan Smith, DNP

Heather Martin

Britni Cartillar, APRN (Wynne)

Heather Martin

Brittney Cato, APRN (Heber Springs)

Brody Eaton, DO (Wynne)

A family medicine physician, Dr. Eaton is an Arkansan born and raised. Dr. Eaton began working with ARcare in 2017, and is focused on the preventative aspect of our community care. Dr. Eaton enjoys practicing medicine at ARcare because he is able to use the full breadth of his medical training. When he is not practicing medicine, Dr. Eaton is with his wife, their daughter, and their two dogs. Don’t be surprised if you spot him around town sporting duck calls or deer camo—as a Northeast Arkansas native, those are some of his favorite hobbies.

Celeste Alvarado Pharm D.

Celeste Alvarado loves the community outreach that ARcare provides and the amount of care that every single patient receives. She attended graduate school at UAMS College of Pharmacy, and is inspired to help people everyday. She and her husband have a full house with their one-year old daughter and their two cats. In her spare time, Celeste loves gardening, hiking, going to concerts, and playing her violin.

Heather Martin

Charles Ball, MD (Lonoke)

Clinton Jumper, Pharm. D.

Clinton Jumper has been with ARcare since 2010 and became a full-time pharmacist with us in 2016. What Clinton enjoys about working with ARcare pharmacy is that it is a slower paced environment where pharmacists and staff take time to interact with patients and get them one-on-one care. Clinton has been married for over 30 years and has two grown children and one granddaughter. Outside of work, he enjoys hunting, fishing, and simply being outdoors.

Heather Martin

Courtney Manatt, APRN (Brinkley)

Courtney Mitchell, LCSW

Locally born and raised, Courtney Mitchell decided to work at ARcare so she could give back to her home community. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, she has her Masters of Social work and also has a trauma certification. A wife and mother of a one-year old little girl, Courtney loves taking road trips with her family, reading with her daughter, and doing anything at a ball park.

Dan Moore, MD

J. Dan Moore M.D. is a family practice physician with a specialty in HIV Medicine. He is ARcare’s Program Director for HIV Special Services, and is also our Chief Medical Information Officer. Dr. Moore came back to his hometown of Augusta to practice medicine at ARcare in 1994 after his residency, and has been with us ever since!

As director of HIV special services, Dr. Moore was the first person to write for grants from the Ryan White Program to provide HIV medical and social care to our patients.  With his help, ARcare was awarded our first grant in 1999, and our HIV program has grown from those handful of patients to now providing direct medical care for over 330 HIV patients, and providing HIV case management services to over 2200 clients covering the entire state of Arkansas. 

When he isn’t spending time helping patients, Dr. Moore enjoys traveling, music, and reading. He used to be a French Horn player in the Razorback Marching Band!

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Heather Martin

Dan Riner, MD (Cabot West)

Krystal Riley, APRN (Conway)

When Krystal Riley was in still in school, she completed several rotations with ARcare providers. She was able to see first-hand the teamwork and compassion that they had, and that’s when she knew she wanted to be a part of the ARcare team. Krystal is now a Family Nurse Practitioner at our Conway Clinic, and she loves that she is able to provide her patients with the best quality of care possible.

Heather Martin

David Brightwell, PA (Melbourne)

Donald Patrick, MD

With 42 years of experience in cardiac, thoracic, and vascular surgery, Donald Patrick loves working with the dedicated professionals at ARcare. He attended medical school at the University of Florida, and did his general surgery and thoracic surgery residencies at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. When not at work, Donald loves traveling, woodworking, and visiting with his grandkids.

Heather Martin

Denise Purnell, APRN (Wynne)

Heather Martin

Elizabeth Reinhard, APRN (Conway)

Heather Martin

Gabriella Douglas

Henry West Allen, MD

Henry Allen West, MD, Medical Director (Brinkley)

After his undergraduate time at Davidson, Dr. Henry West Allen attended UAMS for medical school and residency and earned an MBA from UMASS. When he arrived in Brinkley, AR, to fulfill his community match scholarship in 2004, Dr. Henry West Allen joined the ARcare family and hasn’t looked back. What makes Dr. West passionate about ARcare’s mission is that we have a family atmosphere that reinforces that patients are real people, not just numbers like at an urgent care clinic.
Dr. West will always remember the first cancer patient that he treated at ARcare; she was able to get a mammogram using a Komen grant, and she said that she would have never been diagnosed had it not been for that free service. Aside from his passion for community health and medical management, Dr. West enjoys traveling with his family and watching and playing sports.

Jaime Whitehead, APRN (Augusta Peds)

Jaime grew up as a patient of ARcare, and joined the team in 2010 because she wanted to serve the people in the community where she was raised. She has worked at several of the clinics within the ARcare family, and is proud to be an ARcare provider because of the comprehensive care that she is able to offer. To her, the personal connection between the clinic staff and the patients is what makes working for ARcare so special. Jaime has been married for 11 years and has two children; she loves to travel and explore new places.

Jennifer Halliburton, APRN (Cabot East)

One thing that Jenny loves is when patients tell her that she has helped improve their quality of life. Since starting in 2014, Jenny has considered the staff at ARcare like an extended family and appreciates the values that we stand for. Before joining our team, Jenny worked at St. Vincent and Arkansas Children’s Hospital. Outside of work, Jenny enjoys being with her children and reading (when she finds the time!).

Jennifer Long, APRN (Lake City)

Jennifer has been an APRN at ARcare since 2011. Jennifer chose to work with ARcare so that she could stay close to her hometown and serve the community in which she lives. For Jennifer, what sets ARcare apart from other kinds of clinics is that we are a patient-centered medical home and thus provide personalized, encompassing care. Jennifer has been married to her husband for 13 years, has four children, and has grown her family over the years through fostering and adopting. She is active in her church, and enjoys baking lots of sweet treats.

Heather Martin

Jerry Jones

Heather Martin

Jo McMinn, APRN (Conway Peds)

Jodi Stepp

A member of our team since 2014, Jodi enjoys being a pharmacist at ARcare because of the collaborative environment that allows her to provide comprehensive care to her patients. When she isn’t acting as a pharmacist, Jodi enjoys traveling, ball games, and cheering on the Hogs. Come see her at the Parkin pharmacy today!

Heather Martin

John Morris, APRN (Hazen)

Heather Martin

Joyce Simmons

Heather Martin

Katie Reinhard, APRN (Cabot South)

Heather Martin

Katina Briscoe, DNP (Augusta)

Kayla Blancett, APRN

To Kayla Blancett, ARcare is unique because of the employees that work there. All of the employees exemplify the vision of the company, which provides an opportunity for more compassionate and meaningful care for their patients. Kayla received her Master of Science in Nursing from ASU and focuses on family practice. In her spare time, she loves to spend as much time outside as possible with her five-year old daughter and her husband.

Heather Martin

Kerry Hanna, APRN (Newport)

Kristin Wood, APRN (Bald Knob)

When Kristin started with us in 2012, it was actually as a Registered Nurse! As she worked with our staff of doctors and nurse practitioners, she was inspired to become a nurse practitioner herself. Since then, she has found fulfillment in taking time with her patients and making sure that all aspects of their healthcare are addressed, not just the immediate or urgent needs. Outside of her work, Kristin loves to hang with her husband, Jared, and their Bluetick hound, Luke.

Heather Martin

Heather Martin, APRN (Bald Knob)

Heather enjoys working with a healthcare provider that has a mission to treat our patients with respect and provide “Health for All.” In her spare time, she enjoys watching movies and TV shows with her 5 children and also loves taking her kids to concerts just to watch them sing, dance, and enjoy their favorite bands.

Heather Martin

Larkus Pesnell, MD (Vilonia)

Heather Martin

Laurie Geurin

Heather Martin

Lawrence Meyer, MD

Linda McIntosh, APRN (Searcy)

To Linda, the importance of ARcare goes beyond just healthcare; what matters to her is that ARcare provides for the physical, mental and spiritual needs of patients. Being able to take care of patients regardless of their ability to pay is an important aspect of Linda’s job, and Linda believes that what separates ARcare from other health clinics is our ability to treat chronic illness, provide case management, and offer comprehensive care to the underserved. Outside of work, Linda loves to spend time with her family and go on medical mission trips all over the world (ask her about the time she sailed down the Amazon River!).

Lindsey Zielsdorf, APRN (Des Arc)

Lindsey began her time at ARcare because she had a desire to provide quality care to the underserved, rural community in Des Arc. One key aspect of Lindsey’s work in healthcare is the continuity of care that ARcare gives its patients; she says that the relationships with patients and staff are what make her work so enjoyable. Lindsey and her husband have two sons; one in college, one college-bound.

Heather Martin

Lisa Dillon, APRN (Vilonia)

Heather Martin

M.Nikki Williams, APRN (Searcy)

Heather Martin

Martha Sanders, APRN (Cotton Plant)

Heather Martin

Mary Anderson, MD (Batesville Harrison)

Melissa Alumbaugh, APRN

Melissa Alumbaugh, APRN (McCrory)

A member of our team since 2013, Melissa has a passion for helping patients with chronic disease. She fully embraces our mission, “Health for All,” and believes that offering case management, pharmacy consultations, patient education, and preventative medicine are the keys to a healthy and happy community. Melissa and her husband Brian have two sons, 11 and 3, and a German Shepherd named Shaq.

Monica Bomar, PA, Bald Knob

Monica Bomar, PA (Bald Knob)

Monica was drawn to rural healthcare in 2012 when she joined ARcare. What makes ARcare special to Monica is the total care that we offer patients, including clinical pharmacy, chronic care management, diabetes/nutrition services, and mental health services. Her favorite part of her job is the personal relationship that she builds with her patients. Outside of caring for her patients, Monica loves to spend time at the lake with her husband of nine years and their young daughter.

Ottysha Hadley, APRN (Specialization: Family)

Since she joined our team in 2012, Ottysha has appreciated the opportunity to serve a population that is in great need of quality healthcare. One of her most memorable cases is one in which a woman was very down about her diagnosis; after speaking to her and letting her know the options, what to expect in the future, and how to overcome barriers, the patient is now happy and healthy. When she is not with patients, Ottysha enjoys all things basketball-related and spending time with her family.

Heather Martin

Prasad Athoda

Racheal Nelson, Pharm. D. (Cabot Pharmacy)

Providing quality healthcare makes a difference to Racheal. This is why she enjoys working with ARcare as a pharmacist; she can spend time with patients and invest in their specific healthcare plan. Racheal is married and has two children. When she isn’t at the pharmacy, Racheal loves trying new restaurants and staying active in her church.

Heather Martin

Ramon Vista, MD (England)

Renata Vaughn, APRN (Jonesboro North)

Renata has been on the ARcare team for 4 years. Before her time with us, she was the director of the ASU Student Health Center, so Renata knows a thing or two about community health. Making a difference in patients’ lives brings value to her work in healthcare, and Renata is proud to work at a clinic that is more than just a typical medical clinic. Outside of work, Renata enjoys spending time with family, going to Hardy, and fishing.

Rhonda Johnson, APRN (Parkin)

Rhonda has delightfully been a part of our team since January of 2016. What drew Rhonda toward working with ARcare is her passion for tending to patients in the rural community. Rhonda loves spending time with her husband and her two fur babies, Gracie & Dozier.

Robert Hornbeck, MD (Jonesboro South)

A graduate of Texas Christian University, Dr. Robert Hornbeck received is MD at Wake Forest University and did a pediatric residency at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. Since joining the ARcare team in 2012, Dr. Hornbeck has offered comprehensive care to patients, and says he is especially happy to offer immunizations to underserved communities. Outside of the clinic, Dr. Hornbeck enjoys gardening and raising chickens.

Heather Martin

Roger Troxel, MD (Jonesboro Midtown)

Heather Martin

Sandra Troxel, DNP (Jonesboro South)

Sara Beth Wilcox, APRN (Swifton)

SaraBeth has been a member of the ARcare team since 2015. Before ARcare, she was a registered nurse at the VA in Little Rock. Outside of her work with patients, SaraBeth loves spending time with her husband and her daughter.

Scarlett Faulk, APRN (Cabot South)

Scarlett, who received her Master’s Degree in Nursing from UAMS, joined our team in 2017. You can make an appointment with her at our Cabot clinic on Richie Road. When she isn’t helping her patients, you’ll find Scarlett on the lake with her family!

Heather Martin

Selby Courtney

Heather Martin

Senthil Raghavan, MD (Little Rock)

Heather Martin

Sharon Abrams, APRN (Cabot East)

Steven F. Collier, MD, Chief Executive Officer

Since 2002, Dr. Collier has been at the helm of ARcare as our CEO. After his medical training, Dr. Collier returned to his hometown of Augusta in 1981 and enjoyed practicing medicine, but was excited by the chance to build “White River Rural Health” (our previous name!) into the ARcare and KentuckyCare family of clinics that you know today.

Over the years, Dr. Collier has been deeply touched by his patients, who he gets to know from birth until old age. Being involved with patients for their entire lives is a special aspect of medicine for Dr. Collier. To him, the continuity of care that ARcare and KentuckyCare provide makes them completely different from a “minute clinic” or an urgent care center.

This is because the goal of ARcare and KentuckyCare is to provide “Health for All” at any age and any stage. And this is not a phrase that Dr. Collier just throws around. It is the mission that defines every decision he makes as CEO.

When he isn’t wearing the hat of CEO or interacting with patients, Dr. Collier enjoys exercising, being outdoors, spending time with his grandchildren, and traveling around the U.S. (or abroad, as time permits!).

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Heather Martin

Ted Hood, MD (Mayflower)

Heather Martin

Terry Hunt, MD (Jonesboro North)

Heather Martin

Terry Jefferson, MD

Heather Martin

Todd Anderson, APRN (Kensett)

Valerie Sneathern, APRN (Horseshoe Bend)

Valerie has been an RN for 16 years, and she joined the ARcare team in 2016. One of the most rewarding memories from Valerie’s first year at ARcare is when the team came together to help a homeless man who was 200 miles away from his family. He entered the clinic at lunch and the staff put their lunches together to feed him, then contacted his family and coordinated his transportation to reunite him with his loved ones. To her, this exemplified working as a team for the well-being of a patient. This type of comprehensive care is the most rewarding aspect of Valerie’s job. When she isn’t in the clinic, Valerie loves spending time with her extensive family and their French Mastiff, Bowser.

Heather Martin

Winny Powers

Heather Martin

Clark, Kelly

Heather Martin

Fryman, Dana

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