What It Means to Be a Federally Qualified Health Center

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Patients in Arkansas who have difficulty affording medical care can benefit from going to a federally qualified health center. Learn more about what it means to be one of these centers. 

For some patients in Arkansas, getting regular medical care can be a financial challenge. For others, reaching a clinic in hard-to-reach areas, such as rural areas, poses difficulties that prevent them from getting routine medical care. Patients who have trouble receiving health care due to finances or location can get the care they need at a federally qualified health center in Arkansas.

What Is a Federally Qualified Health Center?

Federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) are medical facilities that provide care for underserved populations or locations. These centers receive funding under the Public Health Service Act and receive other benefits as well, such as being eligible for enhanced reimbursement from the government’s Medicaid and Medicare programs. This funding makes it possible for these centers to offer quality medical care to patients who do not have insurance, those who have financial difficulties with medical care services and those who live in areas that have few or no medical care options.

What Kinds of Services Do FQHCs Provide?

FQHCs offer a wide range of medical services on site at a local medical clinic in Arkansas or at another location after making arrangements with other providers. Some of the facilities that are designated as FQHCs include community health centers and outpatient health programs, such as diabetes self-management training. The services that these facilities offer typically include primary care, dental care and mental health and behavioral care, such as substance abuse treatment. Other services include transportation to ensure that patients can get to the facility for care, hospital care, and specialty care.

How Do FQHCs Offer Affordable Medical Care?

These facilities usually offer a sliding fee scale that makes medical care more affordable. FQHCs see all kinds of patients, including those with insurance, those who do not have insurance and those who have poor insurance coverage. The sliding fee scale is based on each patient’s financial situation.

Who Oversees FQHCs?

FQHCs have a board of directors who typically receive medical care and other services at their facility. These facilities are subject to quality assurance programs to ensure that they meet certain standards and are able to provide patients with high-quality care and employees with a safe work environment. In fact, one of the requirements for certification as a federally qualified health center is having ongoing quality assurance programs in place. These facilities are also expected to meet strict health and safety requirements in order to remain certified.

If you need to find a community health clinic in Arkansas that is federally qualified, please contact ARcare. Our clinics are FHQCs that offer primary care, along with several other types of medical care at affordable rates. Contact us at (866)-550-4719 to get more information on our sliding fee scale or to set up an appointment.

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