Meet Sharon Staton, One of Your Insurance Advisors at ARcare!

Sharon Staton has been an Insurance Advisor helping patients with their insurance at ARcare for the past nine years. Sharon not only helps with insurance, but she helps patients find community resources such as food or housing. If you don’t already know about our insurance advisors, meet Sharon and learn more about how she helps people get healthcare every single day!

How would you describe your job and what you do?

I would describe my job as a position who helps out patients with their insurance, insurance questions, or any community resource they may need. Every day I check to make sure the patients have insurance. I often catch problems with the insurance that the patient wasn’t even aware of. I also help patients sign up for insurance with our many different programs if they need it.

If a patient comes into the clinic with no insurance, I reassure them that I will do my best to help them. I would find out which insurances they can qualify for and also offer them the discount services that ARcare offers.

What is the difference between being uninsured and being underinsured?

A person who is uninsured has no insurance at all. A person that is underinsured has some type of insurance but it doesn’t cover everything and they would need extra coverage.

Please describe a particularly memorable case when you were able to help someone receive the healthcare they needed.

A woman had called because she was having trouble with her insurance. She was worried because she was sick and needed to see a specialist. I called her insurance company and discovered the problem, and we were able to fix it. She was able to see her specialist and get the medicine she needed.

What should the general public know regarding the services that ARcare provides?

Arcare provides different services outside of being a family clinic.  We offer diabetic education, behavioral health, special services, and van transportation.

Finding Healthcare for You and Your Family

As you can tell, the insurance advisors at ARcare are passionate about serving your community and getting you the healthcare that you deserve. If you need a family practitioner in Arkansas, or need help finding the right insurance plan that works for you, please contact your nearest ARcare location for an appointment. You can reach us by phone at 877-876-8032 or request an appointment on our site!

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