The Significance of ARcare’s Mission: “Health for All”

For more than 30 years, ARcare has delivered committed, trustworthy, and compassionate healthcare to 44 clinics throughout the state. ARcare’s mission, “Health for All,” runs through the hearts of its medical professionals and other staff members. ARcare brings superior healthcare services to patients, whether or not they have the ability to pay for it.

This mission is the calling of healthcare facilities. Patients deserve equal and compassionate care regardless of their background, financial capabilities, or health conditions.

Although ARcare is not a free clinic, it is still federally permitted to provide discounted medical rates so that Arkansans can experience the healthcare services they need most.

What is a federally qualified health center?

A federally qualified health center, or FQHC, is not a free clinic, but it does offer discounted rates to patients so they can receive the care they require. ARcare is an FQHC and is therefore federally qualified to provide care to patients at these lesser healthcare rates.

Because ARcare is an FQHC, it can see patients with or without insurance as well as those who do not have enough coverage for the services they need.

Federally qualified health centers receive funds from the HRSA Health Center Program to offer primary care services. These services include women’s health, diabetes management, and common illness diagnosis and treatment.

To be an FQHC, you must meet a few requirements. These include offering care on a sliding fee scale based on ability to pay and functioning under a governing board that includes patients.

Team values

ARcare aims to become the largest primary care provider in Arkansas. These values guide its employees toward providing excellent service and working toward the achievement of the mission, “Health for All.”

First, employees exercise stewardship through daily value of resources. You will also witness the team’s positive attitude that creates an energetic and upbeat work environment. Moreover, the team values honesty, ethics, and dedication that patients should find in any healthcare facility.

Employees extend espect. It is imperative to this business culture that employees appreciate and show understanding toward all people, work, and ideas. The team also values improvement and aims for a high level of performance excellence and an eagerness to learn and grow.

Finally, the employees exercise teamwork. ARcare health centers work and achieve goals together with a collaborative and open spirit.

With more than 500 employees, ARcare must remain dedicated and steadfast toward these values to promote a compassionate work environment. This is the business of healing people, and health starts with a positive and uplifting work culture. Moreover, these values deepen our staff members’ understanding of our mission, and help us to help even more people throughout Arkansas.

The benefits of having a primary care doctor (even if you lack insurance)

Seeing a primary care doctor can reap several positive benefits, even if you have a small amount of insurance coverage or none at all. Not everyone can pay the steep premiums that insurance policies often require. This is why ARcare proudly offer our mission of “Health for All.”

A primary care provider is able to see you for your sick and wellness check-ups rather than having to visit different doctors for each visit. This allows your primary care doctor to be up to speed on your personal medical history, helping you get the routine care that you need.

You will also establish a relationship of trust with your doctor, which enables you to feel more at ease discussing any health concerns you might have. If you have family members who need medical care, your primary care doctor can care for them, too. If you’re looking for a medical clinic near me in Arkansas for you and your family’s health needs, a primary care doctor is someone you can trust with any health issues that may arise in your family for years.


ARcare’s mission of “Health for All” is not simply an abstract idea. It is a powerful notion, or even a mantra, that our entire team is proud and eager to uphold. We believe all Arkansans deserve healthcare, whether or not they can pay for it. To learn more about our healthcare services or to book an appointment, please contact your nearest ARcare clinic.

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