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Preventative care

The Coordinated Care program is a preventive service that ARcare offers to our patients. It encompasses well-child visits, preventative visits, and annual wellness visits.


I’m Lauren Fields, I’m the Chief Coordinated Care Office for ARcare. The Coordinated Care program is a preventive service that ARcare offers to our patients. It encompasses well-child visits, preventative visits, and annual wellness visits. We also have diabetes education, chronic care management, medical nutrition therapy services, and pharmacy consults.

I’m Gabriella Douglas, I’m an Assistant Professor Pharmacy Practice at Harding University College of Pharmacy, and I’m also the Pharmacy Residency Program Director for ARcare. Patients are really excited when they come to a clinic and have individualized, one-on-one time with a pharmacist. If they have any troubles affording their medicines or are worrying about possibly taking something over-the-counter, like an herbal medicine that may interact with their current medication, we’re able to do research for them to make sure that their medications are being used safely and effectively.

I’m Courtney Selby, and I’m a Pharmacist and I’m currently completing the residency program at ARcare. This particular residency really attracted me because of its primary care setting where I can meet with patients one-on-one and really take the time to spend with them. I can’t imagine that I would find a better residency program or better interaction with patients in the clinic setting like I found at ARcare.

My name is Anna Acre and I’m a registered Dietician with ARcare. Our program is unique in that our MNT services cover such a wide variety of diseases and chronic conditions that we can address through that. They’re one-on-one appointments where we get to meet with the individual to truly go over everything from hypertension and obesity to Type 1, Type 2, gestational diabetes, as well as pre-diabetes. It’s not just limited to those commonly seen conditions as well because nutrition is something that continues across the span of someone’s entire life. From childhood to adolescence to your adult years to your older age. Nutrition is truly an aspect that incorporates every stage and phase of life and medical nutrition therapy is unique in that it addresses the individual, their needs, and their specific phase of life as well.

My name is Courtney Cassinelli and I’m a Diabetes Educator for ARcare. Nutrition is obviously a fundamental part of being able to manage diabetes and when we do these assessments on what the patient’s needs are, we want to know what kind of foods they’re receiving and what kind of foods they purchase. One thing that we realized is that healthy foods tend to be more expensive. We wanted to make that a little more accessible for our patients, and so, we started the warehouse in Woodruff County and we’ve expanded to Parkin now. Not only do they receive food, they receive health education and cooking demonstrations using the food and just get tips on how to make food healthier and work with what you have. The warehouse is a collaboration between ARcare, the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension and the City of McCrory.

My name is Amanda Austin, I’m a Chronic Care Management Nurse. The Chronic Care Management Program is offered by a registered nurse who calls the patient every month and it’s all non-face to face. They provide disease education, medication management, as well as preventative measures that patients that can take to avoid exacerbations of those diseases.

My name’s Rebekah Allen, I’m a Patient Relations Manager. When we schedule our appointments for our diabetes education or for medical nutrition for their patients, a lot of our patients don’t have transportation. So, we always offer just an extra way to ensure that they’re coming through our doors. We like to make sure that they do have transportation. If they don’t, we try to set that up for them.

My name’s Leisa Watkins and I’m the Diabetes Program Manager for ARcare and Kentuckycare. Diabetes education is a program about self-management and it’s a service that we offer to our patients to help them understand their disease process and see where they are as far as taking care of themselves because we want to help them with that journey. We have compassionate and passionate employees because we understand it’s not what we have to give them, it’s what they’re wanting from us.

I would like for our patients to know the importance of preventative care and the benefit that will give them later in life. For a disease to be caught at an early stage makes the difference in whether that patient has a long and healthy life or doesn’t.

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